Upcoming Trips and Events

Here are some of the trips and events planned/considered for 2018.


January 16 – New Year's Luncheon
March 1st – Special travel discussion
June 5th – Summer Luncheon

Day Trips:

March 21 – Montreal Casino lunch and show : SINATRA-STREISAND - Completed
April 17 – St-Albert Cheese factory and Cassel Brewery - Completed
May 16 – Omega Park and Montebello - Sold Out
June 26 – Upper Canada Playhouse: "It's Your Funeral by Jamie Williams"
July 10 – "Bleu Lavande" lavender fields.
August 16 – Upper Canada Playhouse: "Plaza Suite by Neil Simon"
December 5 – Upper Canada Playhouse: "The Christmas Express by Pat Cook"

The following trips are also being looked at:

Eastern township museum (Stansbridge)

Overnight Trips:

Spring – Boston/Cape Cod (4 nights, 5 days) - Sold Out
October – Greece (2 weeks) - Sold Out



The bulletin for the July 10th trip to "Bleu Lavande" is available here.

The bulletin for the June 26th Playhouse is available here.

The itinerary for the Boston trip is available here. 
The Boston/Cape Cod trip is sold out, close to 40 people will go.

The itinerary for the Greece trip is available here.
The Greece trip is also sold out, over 20 people will participate.

The cost for the trip to Greece in Canadian dollars will be:

DOUBLE/TWIN:  $ 3,095.00 per person 
SINGLE:............ $ 3,790.00

Note that your passports must be valid at least until 6 months after the departure date for either
trips (ie the end of the year  for the Boston trip and until mid April 2019 for the Greece trip).

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